Combo 5-Ageless Care


With Babassu, watch dull, aged skin revitalized into robust healthy complexion!

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Get Your Defense Naturally…extracted from the Babassu palm of the Amazon Rain Forest, Babassu oil is clear, yellow liquid oil similar to Argan oil but with chemical composition of Coconut oil. Our Babassu Natural Butter has Babassu oil as the main ingredient for effective defense against early signs of aging including wrinkles and lines.

With its superior emollient that is beneficial to both dry and oily complexions, it is interesting to note that this oil is able to balance the moisture level of the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it firms up the skin. It melts to touch and absorbs right into your skin, providing moisture without the tell-a-tale of oily residue.

In regions where it is native to, Babassu is consumed as food and slather on for skin care… but why does it work so well? Well, for a fact, it contains about 70% lipid which is essential to reducing dry skin conditions. To make our Babassu Natural Butter unique to us and for additional benefits, we have also added Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil and Argan oil.

To ensure you will not be without, this combo has a travel and regular size Babassu Butter. For reducing the appearance of signs of aging, we recommend twice daily cleansing with the Afrikan Black Soap and applying the Babassu Butter on face and neck. You may  also use Babassu all over the body.

Pack includes one each of:

  1. Babassu Natural Butter (travel size- 68ml)
  2. Babassu Natural Butter- 200ml
  3. Afrikan Black Soap- 4oz

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